Parenting Workshop

Event: Parenting Workshop
Date: TBA
Location: Hyden CRC
Cost: FREE

14 + 6 =

The Hyden CRC are looking to run some interactive parenting courses that will be delivered by Wiring Kids.
Wiringkids we are passionate about raising happy and resilient children. They provide high quality and evidence-based educational workshops, consultations and coaching services to both parents and professionals, in groups and individually.
The Hyden CRC wants to reach out to parents and find out what workshops are best suited for our unique community.
We have a list of workshops, for parents to select which topics are best suited for them. In order to run these face to face workshops, we would need to guarantee a total of at least 12 people registering for each session.
The topics are as follows:
  • Figuring out what works: A toddler/pre-schooler and new baby
  • Developing great sleep patterns (4 months – 5 Years)
  • Parenthood, Love and Stress ( helping us deal with stress as parents)
  • Building strong resilient children (0 – 6 years and 6-10 years)
If you are interested in attending one of these workshops please contact the Hyden CRC and register your interest.
We will be running two workshops in one day, this event is fully funded and FREE to attend.
For more information visit: 

40 Naughton Street Hyden 6359

(08) 9880 5088

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